Not all proofreading services are cheap, some are not even affordable. When you’re a student, author, or business on a budget, finding the right balance between quality and affordability can be hard! That’s why finding the best cheap proofreading services may be an integral part of your web search.

There are many online services across the web that claim to offer you cheap proofreading services but lack in the quality of work they provide. Before you order a cheap proofreading service, here are some things you should query:

  1. Are the proofreaders and editors native English speakers?

It’s no secret that many services online charge exorbitant fees while passing the work to non-native speakers of English. This saves them money and increases their profit margin at your expense.

At Skylight Editorial, all editors are native English speakers. How do we keep prices so low? Simple. We don’t waste money on excessive advertising. This allows us to pass our savings down to our customers. Our business thrives on consistent, high-quality work and word-of-mouth recommendations.

  1. What do others say about the company?

Checking the company’s reviews can give you an idea of how trustworthy the company is. However, be careful of reviews that seem fake. One way to check the validity of a review is to check the date on the review. If several reviews are posted on the same day, it might indicate the review is not genuine.

Skylight Editorial collects verified customer reviews on its website. Only customers who have placed orders can leave a review. This means every review you read, you know you’re reading an actual customer’s real experience with us. Some of our valued customers have even written reviews about us on their blogs!

  1. Are there hidden fees?

Some online proofreading companies that claim to offer cheap proofreading services do so disingenuously. You may order their services thinking the price stated is the final price, only to be charged hidden fees at a later date.

At Skylight Editorial, all prices are final. We don’t have any hidden fees or hidden taxes. The price you see is the price you pay.


How do I ensure I get the cheapest price for proofreading?

Over the years, Skylight Editorial has worked to develop a service that doesn’t just offer you the best affordable proofreading services but also high-quality results. Our prices are cheap; we actually offer some of the lowest anywhere on the internet! However, we don’t skimp on quality!


How is that possible?

To offer you a cheap proofreading service, we have worked meticulously to fine-tune our order process. On each order, not only do you get to select the timeframe in which you’d like your document completed but you also get to select the level of proofreading and editing you need, add special instructions, and even apply discounts to your order!


PRO TIP: Go long!

To get the cheapest prices, aim to order on our longer timeframes. The longer the timeframe for delivery, the cheaper the cost! This might mean you have to finish your work early to hand it in to us so you can make your deadline. However, the benefit is that you won’t have to break your pocket to get high-quality professional proofreading and editing at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere!


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