We use PDF markup to assist you in making changes to your source file, as PDF documents are not directly editable. The most common PDF annotations we use are labelled in the image below. Use the numbers and the corresponding descriptions to assist you in understanding the changes you may need to implement.

This is a handy diagram to help you understand PDF annotations/markup.
  1. Text should be replaced.
  2. Text should be inserted.
  3. Text should be deleted.
  4. This annotation represents a comment.

For all the annotations, if you hover over the highlighted area you will see the note left by the editor.

How do I see all the suggested changes?

At the top right of your document, you should see a section marked “Comment”. Select that section to view a list of all the document’s annotations.

How do I hide the annotations?

To hide the annotations, select the area marked by the green circle in the image to the right. Choose “Hide Comments”.

How do I delete the annotations?

To delete an annotation, right click on the change and select “Delete”.

How do I create a summary of the annotations?

Using the image on the right as a guide, select the area in the red circle. Choose “Create Comment Summary”. If you tagged your document before sending it to us, you also have the option of exporting the suggested changes to Word or AutoCAD under this menu.